Have you bought a freeview television and can’t see all the channels? Or are you suffering from unreliable digital channels stopping, starting and breaking up?

We wouldn’t install you a system that doesn’t work properly, giving you the full range of channels no matter what.

Our engineers are thorough and keep you in full knowledge of their findings during the installation.

The aerial aligment is checked with a sophisticated spectrum analyser ensuring the strongest, cleanest signal possible.

I’m so pleased with the work that Chris has done so neat and tidy. He is quite clearly very conscientious and I really appreciated him asking for my opinion on where I wanted wires etc placing. I’m so happy with the end result, its just how I envisaged it.

Sarah from Melton Mowbray

Our Freeview prices

16ft alloy mast

In certain circumstances (e.g. bungalows) a 10ft mast is not enough so a 16ft mast must be used. This also requires extra bracketry to keep it secure to your property.

+£40 inc VAT

High-gain benchmarked aerial

In extreme circumstances our standard low-gain and medium-gain aerials are not able to provide a good enough signal. In these situations a high-gain or super high-gain aerial is required.

+£30 inc VAT

Freeview TV aerial installation

Includes benchmarked aerial, alloy mast (up to 10ft), galvanised bracket, single benchmarked co-axial cable run (up to 20m), connectors, cable clips and 5 year warranty.

£170 inc VAT