While it’s true that the picture quality is important when watching a movie; the audio is equally as crucial. After all, what’s the point in seeing the visuals if the sound is poor?

There’s an art to acoustics, and we’ve got it down to a tee. The angle, distance, and height of your speakers can all drastically impact the quality of your home surround sound system.

Wall surfaces, floors, and ceilings can be diffusive, absorptive or reflective of sound; whereas hard surfaces like concrete, drywall and glass reflect the sound. It’s therefore imperative to achieve the right combination – whether it’s part of your home cinema, HiFi system, or your multi-room audio system.

How our home surround sound system installations work

We’ll start off by visiting you for a site survey, so we can assess the room(s) where you’d like the surround sound system to be installed. We’ll discuss your requirements and objectives, and will provide you with a solution.

One of the most important things we’ll need to consider is the placement of the speakers. For example, if you have young children, it may be beneficial to have the speakers mounted to the wall, so they’re not in the way.

In addition, furniture can muffle the sound, so we need to ensure that speakers are positioned in an area where they’re not going to be blocked.

If you choose to go ahead with our home surround sound installation service, we’ll get to work designing a solution, before we come back to install it. Our expert engineers finish all of their work to the highest of standards, and will show you how to operate your new system.

Surround sound installation cost

As your surround sound system will be tailored to your needs, we aren’t able to provide prices until we’ve had an initial consultation.

If you’d like to book a free consultation, or if have any questions about our surround sound installations, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can take a look at the prices of the other services we offer.