The latest technology means you no longer need to install complex control systems, or long trail wires to be able to listen to your favourite songs.

Whether you’d like to set up a new multi-room audio system from scratch, or build on your existing HiFi, we can design and set up a system, so you can listen to music no matter which room you’re in.

We’ll ensure that you can control your multi-room audio system from your phone via an app, or even by your own voice. We already have great experience with systems such as Sonos, Yamaha Musiccast, and Systemline.

We can set up multi-room audio for domestic and commercial purposes

Whether you’d like your multi-room audio system set up in your own home; or you work in an office, shop, pub, or another commercial setting, we can help.

Once set up, you’ll be able to play the same song throughout your building, or have a different song playing in each room, if you’d prefer.

How does our multi-room audio system installation work?

We’ll come over for a free, no-obligation site consultation where we can discuss your specific needs and requirements. From there, we’ll be able to advise on the best products and designs that will meet your objectives.

The shape and size of your room(s), positioning of your speakers, and potential long term plans for adding in more speakers will all need factoring in when it comes to creating and implementing a multi-room audio system. For example, while you may just want your audio system creating so you can play music, you may want to add surround-sound to your TV in the future, in which case, we’d recommend adding a soundbar.

Prices for your multi-room audio system

The design and creation of a multi-room audio system is bespoke, as we’ll work to your objectives. For that reason, we won’t provide you with a quote until we’ve spoken to you first.

If you’d like to book a consultation with us, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can take a look at the prices of the other services we offer.