Wednesday 24 March 2010

Due to a lack of Systemline support available in the Midlands, we have completed training to offer installation and maintenance of the Systemline Modular and Systemnet systems. These products coupled with the Systemline MusicServer boast a mass amount of flexibility and power in a multiroom audio installation.

Easily wired only in cat5e (otherwise known as data, ethernet and network cable) you can quickly and easily plan many zones and sub zones with a single (HM1) or multiple (AM8) source hub. The great thing is that since it has a modular nature, adding more zones later on is easy. The KPM-7 keypad is an aesthetically pleasing way of controlling your zone however when considering the hardwired reliablilty of the Systemnet hub you also get a fantastic option of using the on wall touchscreen keypads.

If you’d prefer you could control the system with the ARC7 / LRN-7 learning programmable remote, or any other compatible learning remote like the Logitec or Nevo range.

For more information on our Systemline services visit our contact section and forward your requirements to us. We’ll do our very best to help you make good decisions about what system is right for you.