Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) radio is a new way of receiving radio station broadcasts.

It allows access to many more channels than FM or AM at a higher quality and with an enhanced experience with additional features.

To listen to DAB radio you need a special DAB radio and depending on the signal quality in your area you may need a dedicated aerial installing.

This aerial should be mounted along with your TV aerial for maximum signal quality and strength.

Covid-19 Update

With so many of the community spending much more time at home than usual as well and needing to stay well informed, its never been more important than ever for your television, internet and sound systems to work as well as possible.

We are conducting business as usual unless one of our engineers shows any signs of the virus infection and is instructed to go into self isolation for two weeks.

Today we wrote new procedures to help protect our engineers and our customers against the spread of Covid-19. We wished to share them with you so that you can have confidence in our approach during this very strange time.