If you get pixelation, blocking, missing channels or EPG (electronic programme guide) information, when trying to watch digital Freeview TV then you may need a new aerial.

This would involve removing your existing aerial system where possible and replacing it. We would always recommend replacing the whole system with a new benchmarked aerial, benchmarked co-axial cable, galvanised bracket and alloy mast. This ensures problem-free Freeview TV for many years to come.

A reputable installer will always inspect your existing system first before proceeding with an installation. This is because your aerial system may just have a minor problem that is easily and cheaply rectified.

If you are in an area where you cannot get a good signal through an aerial without an excessively tall mast then Freesat is the best alternative option.

Freesat uses a small oval satellite dish (similar to the Sky minidish) to receive free TV channels, including HD (high definition) channels. There are more channels available than on Freeview and the HD channels mean you get the most out of a flatscreen TV without having to pay for SkyHD.