With so many of the community spending much more time at home than usual as well and needing to stay well informed, its never been more important than ever for your television, internet and sound systems to work as well as possible.

We are conducting business as usual unless one of our engineers shows any signs of the virus infection and is instructed to go into self isolation for two weeks.

Today we wrote new procedures to help protect our engineers and our customers against the spread of Covid-19. We wished to share them with you so that you can have confidence in our approach during this very strange time.

They are as follows:

Anywhere the word ‘period’ is used does not have a defined end until further notice. New procedures are strictly as follows:

  1. Disinfect all van door handles, steering wheel, gear stick, all controls, keys, pens, phones and regularly used tools at the start and end of each day. Carry disinfectant wipes or spray with blue-roll in your van during the day just in case you feel you need to use it at any point.
  2. Wear latex gloves during each and every job. Change them in between jobs so each household get a clean pair. Remove on leaving the property and dispose of them either in the customers bin or in your own bin inside the van. On removal, use hand sanitiser before touching the controls of the van.
  3. Use a P3 rated face mask as provided in any circumstances where you or the customer wishes to do so.
  4. We will not take any cash during this period, only agreed BACs or card payments to be taken. Do not touch the customers card during processing through your mobile terminal.
  5. When dealing with the invoice use your own pen and ask the customer to sign with their own pen. If they do not have their own, give them yours after you have filled out all your parts and leave it with them. Replace with another brand new one from your van before the next job.
  6. If eating out on the road, be careful about what you buy and where you buy it. Do not pay by cash, only pay by card during this period. Alternatively we recommend taking your own packed lunch for absolute piece of mind about what you are eating and who touched it.
  7. When fuelling the van, wear your own new pair of latex gloves or those provided at the fuelling station. Limit fuelling to £30 during this time to be able to pay by contactless in an attempt to not touch the card terminal at all. They usually work with a slight air gap of up to 3mm.
  8. Only use your laptop at home after you have washed your hands but give it a daily disinfect. If you do use it during the day on a job, use it with your gloves on for that job and disinfect the keyboard before next use.
  9. Only answer your mobile phone calls if absolutely necessary during visits while wearing latex gloves for that job. This is to lower the chance of getting smears of the virus on the phone and therefore near your face. It is best to only use your phone once back inside your van and you are glove-less
  10. We may conduct most weekly team meetings via Google Hangouts to lower our requirement to be directly in each others company more than necessary during this period.
  11. If you smoke, strictly only smoke immediately after you have thoroughly washed and dried your hands.