Friday 24 June 2011

These include Waltham, Sutton Coldfield and Belmont transmitter. Whilst a lot of the region are already using digital in one way or another, we anticipate a flood of calls saying people have lost BBC 2 on the first switch date.


Approximately two weeks later the other 4 analogue channels left will disappear. On both dates digital signals are repositioned and therefore some of your digital channels will be temporarily lost. You will be able to obtain these back very quickly if your aerial is performing well by simply retuning your digital equipment. You will have to do this on both switch dates.

Remember that some devices require the existing channels to be deleted first before tuning to obtain the new channels, like Humax and Sony digital products. Others have a ‘First time installation’ option which does this for you as part of the tuning process. For more information on how to tune your piece of equipment refer to this site compiled by Digital UK for help – TV Retune. Alternatively for all other information on switch dates and general digital switchover information please refer to Digital UK’s website at Digital UK.

If you would like to know much more details than most about the switch dates and the channel changes, try using the trade view of the digital uk site for the central region here – Digital UK trade view.

The good news is that despite the interruptions in your viewing, we will experience the launch of Freeview HD services and those of you that have freview HD equipment waiting for the HD signal will be able to watch HD content after retuning. Also some people receiving a weak signal may experience much better reception as the signal is increased in strength and reach.

For more information on our aerial maintenance services visit our contact section and forward your requirements to us. We’ll do our very best to help you make good decisions about what system is right for you.