The ability to distribute a variety of video and audio sources to several different display devices is very important in many places – community centres, conference suites, schools, churches etc.

Modern advances mean that a full HD signal (1080i) and audio signal can be distributed over Cat5e, allowing cable runs of up to 1000ft. This cuts down the cost of installing cable infrastructure and also removes the strict limitation of the maximum length of HDMI cable.

By using a matrix switcher any input can be mapped to any output allowing ultimate flexibility about which input source is viewed on which display. Also practically any input source – satellite set-top box, PC, video camera, CCTV system etc. – can be interfaced with the matrix switcher.

Covid-19 Update

With so many of the community spending much more time at home than usual as well and needing to stay well informed, its never been more important than ever for your television, internet and sound systems to work as well as possible.

We are conducting business as usual unless one of our engineers shows any signs of the virus infection and is instructed to go into self isolation for two weeks.

Today we wrote new procedures to help protect our engineers and our customers against the spread of Covid-19. We wished to share them with you so that you can have confidence in our approach during this very strange time.